What Is a Health Coach?

As a Health Coach I am your partner in getting well. I promise to listen openly about what in your life is unwell, how this affects you, and together how we can get you to a place of radiance and wellbeing. Starting at our first session we will identify your wellness goals and begin to map out how to get there. I never want you to feel deprived, restricted, and like you have to overhaul your lifestyle overnight, but I do expect you to want to feel better and be willing and open to making some adjustments in order to get there.

As a Digestive Health Coach my practice is ideal for women suffering from upset stomachs, bloating, general discomfort, fatigue, acne, and many other symptoms of an imbalance and issue with the gut. These symptoms may seem to be all food related, but in fact they can be caused by many other factors such as stress, relationship trouble, and a toxic work environment. Together we will look at the intersection of food and lifestyle, and get to the root cause of your discomforts. My role is not to replace doctor or registered dietician, and in some cases I partner with them. As your Health Coach my job is to give you with tools to feel better, and provide a space where you feel listened to and supported on your journey to wellness.

About Elise

Elise is a Pacific Northwest native currently living in Brooklyn. As an active individual she uses her bike as her main mode of transport and thrives in the city’s energy, but finds it equally important to recharge in nature. Elise stumbled into the world of wellness and healing as she noticed so many around her suffering from digestive issues such as IBS and food intolerances.Chronic health ailments, food allergies, and imbalances affect millions of people per year, and many conventional treatments can be costly, invasive, and ineffective. Elise received her training from the world’s largest nutrition school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This training has equipped her with the coaching tools and knowledge of food as medicine necessary to work one-on-one with individuals to create health plans that transform. As a natural caretaker, Elise finds that guiding clients on their path to healing comes instinctively. She's ready to get started on a health plan perfectly suited to your personal needs.

If you are feeling lost, confused, or just do not know where to start, I offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss where would be best to begin, and how to get you feeling your best. Customizable plans available.